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These resources have been created by the London Young Persons’ Advisory Group

London YPAG – September 2018 update by Alexis

Hello, I hope you’ve had a great summer and many more to come. By the way, I’ve just started secondary school and we’ve just resumed YPAG. Let me tell you what happened at our September YPAG meeting: A researcher came in to speak to us about about the risks of congenital hypothyroidism and the results […]

Jude Starbeam by Oceiah London YPAG

The On the Button theatre invited YPAG members on 28 July 2018 to watch their new play Jude Starbeam, give our feedback on how the audience responded to the play and help the company think about whether the research element in the production made sense. GOSH has been working with the theatre company to help […]

London YPAG July 2018 meeting update by Alexis

Hello, I hope you are all well. I am going to tell you about our last meeting which was on the 7th of July two days before my birthday, so I brought in some cake! The first person who came in to speak to us was Frankie, she was researching about Rasmussen’s Encephalitis (it’s very […]

London YPAG – June 2018 meeting update by Alexis and Luella

Read the latest blog from London YPAG ‘s meeting in June…

London YPAG March 2018 meeting update from Alexis

Read about the latest GOSH YPAG meeting in March by Alexis

London YPAG Meeting – Alexis’s story

Hi guys,

I haven’t written in a long time as I have had 11+ exams and the Christmas holidays. I hope you are ok and received all your favourite things from Santa!, let me tell you a bit about the Young Persons Advisory Group’s last meeting

Our London YPAG meeting in May by Oceiah

On Saturday the 6th May we had another exciting and packed meeting

A London YPAG meeting: A brand new animation about the genome & more

Hi guys, Hope you are all well. We had another fabulous time at the YPAG meeting in March 2017, with some researchers from Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) attending and discussing some of their new research ideas like LUCY. The LUCY study or project, is a mental health service for young people. The researchers asked us for […]

Myth Busters: Research in the hospital

Esme, Nicke and Freya explore research at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children (GOSH).

Alexis writes about YPAG & what we do at meetings

Hi guys, My name is Alexis and I`m 9 years old.  Hope you’re well!  I`m part of a group called Young  Person’s Advisory Group at Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children. Yes, I know that the name is quite a mouthful, but that`s why we have a shortened version: YPAG. In YPAG we get to do a […]