London YPAG Meeting – Alexis’s story

By Liverpool YPAG,



Hi guys,

I haven’t written in a long time as I have had 11+ exams and the Christmas holidays. I hope you are ok and received all your favourite things from Santa!, let me tell you a bit about the Young Persons Advisory Group’s last meeting:

On Saturday 27th of January, I went to GOSH and welcomed some new YPAG members to the group, they were really kind.

Also some researchers came to talk about their work; the first person talked about how they wanted to stop blindness by holding trials and carrying out surgery on children with eye deformities.

The second person came to talk about their study eLIXIR , (you are probably wondering why the first `e’ isn’t a capital letter, apparently it is a design) , their research will be to try to prevent illnesses in pregnant mothers and young children.

The third person came to talk about hand hygiene, and how essential it is, we also played a quiz to see who washed their hands the best. At the end, the researcher gave us freebies which included gels, hand creams, highlighter pens and sticky notes (my favourite!).

We had a photographer with us all day so got some new YPAG photos and some of us had new headshots taken too!

Our next meeting will be on Saturday March 10, 2018, I will probably write a blog about that too…so chat soon.