London YPAG – June 2018 meeting update by Alexis and Luella

By Liverpool YPAG,

It’s Alexis again I have just come back from my end of year trip to Bushcraft, Oxfordshire. By the way, how are you doing? I hope you are all fine. On June the 2nd, we had another YPAG meeting, the first person, an artist called Judith came to talk about designing a waiting area in the new Zayed centre , check it out-

We had to help them design it by choosing if the design should be abstract or obvious, physical or technological etc. but the other group built molecules with what they thought was best for the room and explained why on one side, it was like building your own waiting room.

A lady called Katie came in to seek our opinions on an animation to advertise leaflets  that show what they will do with leftover samples , she wanted to check if the leaflets were suitable for young people like us.

Finally, Matthieu came to speak to us about MRI scanners and how we can help improve peoples’ experiences in them. He gave us a worksheet related to the Simpsons! Lisa has the opportunity to take part in a research study in MRI scans but the trouble is that she is a bit anxious about signing up and that is where we come in. We have to think of all the things that might want to stop Lisa from joining the study such as myths about how scary or painful it might be and we have to try and give ideas to Matthieu to improve Lisa’s experience. This was my favourite talk.

That’s all for the second , at our next YPAG on the 7thJuly ,I’ll be taking in a cake for my birthday!!

Hey guys,

I’m Luella, I’m a member of the YPAG team! I hope the sun will stay like this, this summer is really getting hot!! Anyway, let’s get to the meeting!

The first group that came in were a part of GOSH arts, they came to ask our advice on how to make waiting rooms less dull and more fun! We did different activities, one group made molecules out of paper, and the other group ( my group) had to match pictures with an age group, and see if everyone agrees.

The second session  was with a nice woman called Katie who came in to talk about her study that was about left over samples!! We were given a sheet with a cartoon story about a young boy who talked about his time in hospital and the study, we gave her A LOT of constructive feedback.


The third session was with  a nice man who came for our advice on how to make MRI’s less scary, for example adding TV screens or animations across the MRI ceiling. This was really fun because he gave us a whole PowerPoint on MRI scans and descriptions!


Thanks for reading! See you next time!!