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These resources have been created by the London Young Persons’ Advisory Group

“So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, good night. I hate to go and leave this pretty sight.”

Yesterday marked my final day as the lead facilitator for the London YPAG.  I’ve enjoyed  tremendously working with all the members over the past two and a half years and we have had some great times. But fear not!  The London YPAG still goes on, and people interested in attending a London YPAG meeting, or joining […]

‘AWARE for All’ community health event

Recently our London YPAG group was invited to participate in the ‘AWARE for ALL’ event at the Camden Centre (basically a local town hall), which is in the same borough of London where our London YPAG is based. This was organized by an American organization, the Center for Information and Study on Clinical Research Participation […]

The rectal route of administering medicines: Are we comfortable talking about this?

At our last London YPAG meeting on the 6th of February, we had two researchers called Sara Hanning and Catherin Tuleu from the University College London School of Pharmacy come and talk with us about the rectal route of administering medicines. They are working on a project that is looking at administering antibiotics through the […]

Recent London YPAG meetings: Catch up time part 2

For our last meeting in February, Martin Lodemore came to the group from INVOLVE, seeking input on their payment and remuneration policy for involving children and young people in research. One thing the group stressed was the importance of having travel provided up-front for any meetings or involvement activities they take part in. Cost for […]

Recent London YPAG meetings: Catch up post 1

Our last two meetings have seen a varied group of people come for advice. At our meeting back in November, we had people come from the 100 000 Genomes Project asking for our views on the Project’s participant materials, and a researcher come ask us about a generic consent project. Specifically, this is around routine […]

An Investigation into Schools and Research Part 1: Is there room for critical thinking about research claims in the school curriculum?

Esme member of the London YPAG Investigates into Schools and Research: Is there room for critical thinking about research claims in the school curriculum?

How should YPAGs members get a say in research funding?

Nuffield Council on Bioethics report

Clinical Trials card sorting exercise

This exercise develops knowledge of different types of research and related terminology. The task requires young people to match a phrase with its definition.