London YPAG March 2018 meeting update from Alexis

By Liverpool YPAG,

Hi guys,

It’s Alexis from GOSH YPAG and I’m here to update you about our most recent meeting which took place on the 10th of March 2018.

Firstly, we had ‘icebreaker bingo’ which is basically getting to know each other but in a fun way. We had some questions on a quiz sheet and had to find some people with the characteristics and the first person to fill the sheet won. For example,’ who is a vegetarian’?

Secondly, a lady came in to talk about GOSH Arts which is a programme to help GOSH patients feel more comfortable in hospital and so they don’t feel left out. You do not really see many pre-teens or teenagers at GOSH and they would feel lonely if it was just them and that’s where the art comes in. She asked for our help with an upcoming Transition project- which aims to work towards making transition from GOSH easier.

Then after that another lady came in to talk about My Genome Sequence 2 (it’s a video that explains your genes and what doctors do to help your illness).She came to ask about what we thought about the current animation (which isn’t finished yet)! We looked at the animatic for the script – it’s like a first draft ,and gave our opinions.

After that, two ladies came to talk about the patient portal on the Electronic Patient Record system which GOSH will use in the near future. They have developed a patient portal called   MyChart which will store and track your personal data and upload any information on clinical trials you are involved in and assist with your day-to-day hospital life! They asked us for advice on it and how to get patients to sign up to the portal. They also asked us to design a poster to encourage patients to sign up and whoever had the best one won- (YAY)!

Bye guys! Hope to chat soon!