London YPAG July 2019 update by Alexis

By London YPAG,

Hello, how are you? In case you are wondering I am fine. School has been great; I shall inform you what has happened in the last YPAG session which was on July 6th 2019

Making a new video to explain Gene Therapy
Linda Von Neree, (the old GOSH YPAG Lead, whom now works in patient and public involvement and engagement,(PPIE),coordinator), and Katie Snell, (lead gene therapy research nurse), came back to talk to us about making a new video explaining gene therapy. They gave us a script as well as parts for some of us to read out. Whilst some of us read the others proofread to check for preferred wordings/phrasing to see what could be improved so it could be suitable for someone, perhaps a pressured, panicked parent or a child  whom is about to receive gene therapy.

Unfortunately I was busy preparing something for the art session at the Zayed Centre on the 21st of September and I missed the session covering Parental Voice with children which have been hospitalised. Here is a link to explain what the Zayed Centre does:

Finally Xinzhu Wang, a research associate came to us  to talk about how to  create an ideal test for bacterial infection.

Bye, thank you for reading I hope you have a great summer!