London YPAG – September 2018 update by Alexis

By London YPAG,

Hello, I hope you’ve had a great summer and many more to come. By the way, I’ve just started secondary school and we’ve just resumed YPAG.

Let me tell you what happened at our September YPAG meeting:

A researcher came in to speak to us about about the risks of congenital hypothyroidism and the results of it, congenital hypothyroidism is when a thyroid gland in your throat that looks like a bow doesn’t produce enough cells or none at all. Some researchers think it is caused by a lack of iodine this condition means you do not grow properly.

Another researcher came in to talk about a virtual reality app which talks you through your experience at the hospital with the aim of hopefully calming children who are nervous about their surgery.

Another researcher came back to talk about Uveitis which is a condition where the coloured bit of the eye becomes inflamed and red. I had never heard of this before and found a cool website which says uvea is the middle layer of the eye and is also the Latin word for grapes.
Bye for now, I’ll be back again soon.