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These resources have been created by the London Young Persons’ Advisory Group

GOSH YPAG and a Summer of Science by Oceiah and Parveen

GOSH YPAG have been collaborating with the ChromaDose team since March 2021 and several Blogs have already been written with our updates. The ChromaDose team are conducting research into developing a blood testing device to personalise the amount of medicine (anthracyclines) children with cancer receive. This is due to the differences in exposure (the way […]

eyeYPAG and GOSH YPAG train together to be Young Interview Assistants

Hi my name is Walter and I was one of 6 YPAG members who took part in three evening training workshops on Qualitative Interview training in April and May 2022. Below is a Q&A where I tell you about our experiences. You can also listen to myself, Sarun, Niamh and Orla telling other YPAG members […]

GOSH YPAG and the ChromaDose Project

GOSH YPAG and Chromadose   We are excited to be involved in a ground-breaking project to personalise childhood cancer treatment. The ChromaDose  technology will be able to calculate each patients’ drug exposure within a drop of their own blood. This will mean, the amount of cancer drugs the patient has can be adjusted to suit […]

GOSH YPAG member Suki talks about a recent collaboration with UCL Division of Psychiatry

This week I, along with 8 other GOSH YPAG members was given the opportunity to represent GOSH YPAG in an online lecture on children and young people’s mental health. Working with a team at UCL MSc in mental health sciences in the Division of Psychiatry; helping them devise information sheets and consent forms. We gave […]

GOSH YPAG interview CEO

The GOSH YPAG interviewed Matthew Shaw, CEO of Great Ormond Street Hospital, on environmental issues, COVID19 & personal matters.

GOSH YPAG – First virtual meeting July 4 2020

Hello, my name is Sandra and I’ve been a GOSH YPAG member for the last two years

London YPAG January 2020 meeting

Hi guys, how are you? It’s Alexis. I hope you are doing well in the flurry of corona virus and quarantine.

Health Tech Workshop Event Report

Hot off the press! Read our report – Young people shaping healthcare technology research

GOSH YPAG member Sandra provides voiceover for GOSH Sample Bank animation

  Sandra has given great support to the communications team not only by recording the voice over for the Sample Bank animation but also by taking part in a Q&A to help engage with patients to get involved. Learn more about GOSH Sample Bank Read Sandra’s interview below: What do you personally think of the impact […]

GOSH YPAG member Teo takes over twitter at the NIHR GOSH BRC Family Fun Day for research 2019

A big thank you to GOSH YPAG member Teo who hosted @ GreatOrmondSt Twitter account, to give  visitors the inside scoop of the day’s activites at this year’s NIHR GOSH BRC Family Fun Day for research on 26 October 2019. Teo is a dedicated YPAG member and has been involved in lots of other activities to represent […]