GOSH YPAG member Sandra provides voiceover for GOSH Sample Bank animation

By London YPAG,


Sandra has given great support to the communications team not only by recording the voice over for the Sample Bank animation but also by taking part in a Q&A to help engage with patients to get involved. Learn more about GOSH Sample Bank

Read Sandra’s interview below:

What do you personally think of the impact that Sample Bank will have on future patients like you? Why do you think it’s an important initiative?

As someone diagnosed with a rare condition, I would always encourage patients to provide samples (of course, only if they’re happy with providing them). By providing samples, the patients are providing researchers with an opportunity to find the cause for rare illnesses that people like them and me deal with on a daily basis. Like Professor Goldblatt said, “The GOSH Sample Bank will be invaluable for researchers studying rare childhood diseases.” His words certainly echo the truth especially at a specialist hospital like GOSH where the Sample Bank has the potential to become a rich source of vital information which could allow researchers to answer questions such as why certain conditions occur and possible cures for them. This would help doctors to provide a more accurate diagnosis leading to an improved quality of treatment; I think it’s a thoughtful and selfless way to give back to a hospital which has helped me come so far.

What would you say to encourage patients to donate their samples?

Personally, it’s deeply gratifying knowing that I’m providing something that will positively impact future patients like me. Just knowing that future patients can receive an improved and specialised form of treatment makes what I do so much more worth it. From my experience at Young Persons Advisory Group for research (YPAG), having interacted with researchers who are interested to understand the aetiology of rare childhood illnesses allows me to appreciate that there are people willing to help me progress through my treatment apart from my doctors and nurses at GOSH.