Zooming into summer

eyeYPAG’s 3rd online meeting by Eleri: Big Data and “lazy eye”

Zooming to success – update on a virtual eyeYPAG meeting by Orla

This was a very different YPAG meeting to normal – it was held via Zoom as a remote meeting because social distancing means we could not all travel to London. It was quite strange at first as we were all a bit quiet, but we soon warmed to it. We started off by saying hello […]

eye-YPAG Feb 22nd 2020 by Jasmine

For the second time we met at the Children’s Eye Centre at Moorfields. We had the whole second floor to ourselves. There were three sessions. Sofie Layton, our resident artist, gave a presentation with all the logo designs that we had developed at the last meeting. Some were in colour, other in black and white. […]

DesEYEning our new logo – update on the 4th eyeYPAG meeting by Niamh and Orla

The 4th eyeYPAG meeting took place at the end of November at the hospital. It was filled with information, art, fun and food. As a warm up activity, we made screen prints of cells and they looked great. We then all sat in a circle and had to tell everyone two facts about ourselves where […]

EyeYPAG – Update on our 3rd meeting by Eleri, October 2019

In our 3rd meeting we discussed many important and educational issues including: trust, research on eye allergies, child-friendly information about research and future events. All our activities were extremely informative, fun and exciting. Ethics: We did an exercise about how children would feel about researchers asking them personal information. We said “children may feel intimidated […]

Eye-ce cubes needed at the 2nd eyeYPAG meeting! By Niamh

The second Moorfields Young Persons Advisory Group meeting (also known as Eye-YPAG) was filled with information, updates and new faces on 29th June 2019 – a very hot, sunny day. To start with, there was a great speech by Jasmine and Rhianne about the Great Ormond Street YPAG, which is for children from 8 to […]

Eye-YPAG – Update on our first meeting by Jasmine, March 2019

On Saturday, March 2, 2019, we had our very first Eye- YPAG group. It was so much fun! We did all sorts of activities, put together by Artist Sofie Layton, who was helping Jacqueline Miller with her C-i-2-i project. We embossed aluminium paper with pictures of eyes. Some of us made pictures looking at eyes, […]