eye-YPAG Feb 22nd 2020 by Jasmine

By Vijay Tailor-Hamblin,

For the second time we met at the Children’s Eye Centre at Moorfields. We had the whole second floor to ourselves. There were three sessions.
Sofie Layton, our resident artist, gave a presentation with all the logo designs that we had developed at the last meeting. Some were in colour, other in black and white. Some were hand-drawn, others were done with computer graphics. We thought about how the different logos represent our group.

Then a researcher who works with children and young people came and gave a presentation about his work, which is to find out how to make eye tests faster and more child-friendly and more fun. His name is Pete Jones and he works at the Child Vision Lab. He showed us eye tests that are being used now in very young and older children. Then he showed us ideas for an eye test he is developing. He asked us for feedback, and we gave him some advice. He had brought simple, basic tests, and we could add in our ideas.

After lunch, we split into three groups to evaluate the first year of eyeYPAG, plan for the future and do some more thinking about our logo.
The first group talked about the journey of the YPAG over the last year. Danyaal and Sabreen had worked with Louca-Mai to prepare a giant jigsaw puzzle about our journey, with one piece for each meeting and each conference and special event that group members have attended. We put it all in the right order and talked about what we thought had worked well and what we might want to do differently in the future. Louca-Mai asked us about having a newsletter after every meeting, and we decided that having a blog was enough.

The second group did interviews, pretending to tell a new YPAG member what we do in our group and why we like coming and what we have learnt. The people interviewing us were Niamh and Elisha and Jacq. Our discussions in Jacq and Louca-Mai’s sessions were recorded, so that they can write down later what we said and use this information in a report about the first year of eyeYPAG.

The third group worked with Sofie. We talked about what our group hoodies should look like, and what logo should go on them.
All of us did the three group stations during the afternoon, so that everybody could get a chance to talk about their ideas.
Louca-Mai also told us that some of us will go to the iCAN meeting in Lyon in July.

“A big, big thank you to all the members and organisers of the Feb 2020 Eye-YPAG. It was an extremely fun and insightful event, and we are already on working on integrating your feedback into our next generation of digital, non-profit eye-tests. The suggestion of incorporating ‘killer robots’ is, however, still awaiting ethical approval”

Dr Pete Jones, UCL Child Vision Lab