Raising Awareness of Antibiotic Resistance with children and young people – part 2

By Liverpool YPAG,

Blog by Jenny Preston

In 2019 I reported on an engagement project that was co-designed by children and young people to explore one of the greatest global public health threats of our time, antibiotic resistance.  The project forms part of the dissemination activities of a NIHR HTA-funded study called BATCH (Biomarker-guided duration of antibiotic treatment in children hospitalised with confirmed or suspected bacterial infection), which aims to reduce antibiotic exposure in hospitalised children with infection www.batch-trial.co.uk.

This short blog highlights our commitment to continue to raise awareness of antibiotic resistance with child and young people’s audiences through a partnership with Science Animated who co-created a short animation that was based on the original drama written and performed by Attitude Performing Arts School (a community based organisation aimed at 6-16 year olds), and GenerationR Liverpool Young People’s Advisory Group(YPAG).  Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to share the link to the animation and adapted resources to be used in schools, and other forums attended by children and young people to teach them about antibiotic resistance.  Click on the following links to access the resources:

The BATCH team hope you enjoy and learn from the resources produced in collaboration with children, young people and families.  Click here for the full report of the project.