Apps for School and Patches – by Eleri

By Vijay Tailor-Hamblin,

The meeting on the 20th of May was very enjoyable and productive. We started off with catching up with each other and then we had a brief of what the meeting itinerary is. We officially began by answering questions such as what have u been up to since we last met; many answers to that being exams and schoolwork…very exciting! 

After we reviewed the prospects of a game brought to us by two researchers. We discussed the different aspects of this game and what would make it successful. After a short break we were given a survey from the researchers before they left. 

Next in the meeting we got an update from Annegret about an eye patch project that is in the works. While updating us she explained the whole long and expensive process of projects like the eye patch one. Then, Jacq told us about an oversight team she was putting together. The aim of said team is to improve the experience of young people taking part in clinical trials.


Following this, two by two we were taking in a room to do a short interview about our time and experience at YPAG.

Finally, we evaluated different versions of a Moorfields YPAG poster. We all got involved in colouring in and annotating the logos and posters. At the end of the meeting one of our members surprised us with a new eye YPAG logo which we are looking forward to discussing in our next meeting!