Who we are

We are the Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Research and Innovation, Young Persons Advisory Group (YPAG)

Nottingham YPAG
Our group has around 20 young people aged between 8 – 18 years old. Some of us have experience of taking part in health research, or have experience of living with a condition/disability.

Many of us are interested in learning more about medicine/research/science, with a view to maybe having future careers in one of these areas.

OK to askAll of us want to help researchers to improve the delivery of health research particularly research which aims to involve children and young people.

Our meetings are always designed to be fun, engaging and suitable for all ages to enjoy and learn something from.

We have lots of researchers come and visit our group who would like us to provide support to their research and we also take part in many other activities/events which promote young people’s involvement in research.

Why we joined the YPAG

I decided the join the East Midlands YPAG because I am interested in medicine and wanted to learn more about clinical research. I enjoy the YPAG sessions because in each one we learn something different and the activities we do are fun and interesting.

Katherine aged 15


Group working

The reason I joined YPAG was because I wanted to build my confidence before I go to Secondary School and because I would like to possibly have a career in science.

What I enjoy about the YPAG Meetings are that I get to see my friends and learn more every session and also I love taking part in the games and activities which teach me about useful stuff to help me in the future and my favourite activity is the role play because it gives me a reason to just be me and to let myself go.

 Scarlet aged 11.

What do researchers say about our involvement?

‘I really enjoyed the meeting. I was so impressed with the knowledge and expertise in the group and the confidence the young people had to challenge. I am so grateful for the input to my study design which has greatly influenced how I will approach every aspect to it’.  

Mrs T Cameron, University of Nottingham

‘It has been very useful to hear the different perspectives of young people on this topic and this is sure to influence how the mobile app will be adapted to meet the needs and expectations of young people and encourage uptake of the end product’. 

L Wong, University College London (UCL) Institute of Child Health

How to find us

Nottingham YPAG facilitator

Kate FrostKate Frost

Head of Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement

NIHR Nottingham BioMedical Research Centre and NUH Research and Innovation

Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust

Email:  kate.frost@nuh.nhs.uk.

Telephone- 0781 226 8438

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Kate Frost

New Head of Patient and Public Involvement for Research in Nottingham

Kate Frost is the new Head of Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPI&E) for the Nottingham Bio-medical Research Centre, Clinical Research Facility and Research and Innovation

Nottingham YPAG Meeting – Saturday 13th August 2016

Nottingham YPAG Meeting written by Beth, aged 12