New Head of Patient and Public Involvement for Research in Nottingham

By Nottingham YPAG,

Newly appointmented head of patient and public involvement for the NIHR Nottingham Biomedical Research Centre, Clinical Research Facility and Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust, Research and Innovation.

We are pleased to announce that Kate Frost has joined Nottingham University Hospital (NUH) as the new Head of Patient and Public Involvement and Engagement (PPI&E) for the Nottingham Bio-medical Research Centre (BRC), Clinical Research Facility (CRF) and Research and Innovation.

Meet Kate:

Kate Frost

“It is truly great to be back at Nottingham University Hospitals were my career in research began! Years ago, I started out working on the children’s haemodialysis unit as a health care assistant with truly inspiring patients and families. I aimed to engage with young people and their families to offer support and improve practice. I was also the Team Manager for the Children’s Transplant Game’s Team before moving into the world of research and patient and public involvement and engagement. Since then I have worked for the Clinical Research Network East Midlands children’s research team, in delivery of research, recruiting patients and conducting research visits, before progressing onto Trial Management, working at University College London Cancer Trials Centre, Nottingham Clinical Trial Unit and Derby Clinical Trial Support Unit. Experiencing research through its entire lifecycle, I have been able to see the undeniable impact PPI&E can have on research and therefore have been a dedicated ambassador throughout all my roles.”

“I am truly excited, pleased and privileged to become a member of the team, and I cannot wait to start leading the Nottingham is Research; a people strategy, to strengthen Nottingham as a centre of excellence for PPI&E. An integral part of this is the Young Persons Advisory Group, a real flagship of excellence proven through the meaningful impact the YPAG’s work has had to date.  I want to bring more opportunities for co-creating innovative methods of involvement and engagement including presence in the community, learning and leadership to the group. I look forward to working with our existing members and hope many more young people will join us to have a voice on how we can improve and develop involvement and engagement for the exciting research happening at Nottingham BRC, CRF and NUH Trust. “