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Filming, Food & Further Research, by Toby

The first in-person YPAG meeting of the year took place on Saturday 9th March. This was the first YPAG meeting that I have attended, as I have just joined the group. The meeting started with a ‘two truths and one lie’ icebreaker which helped me get to know everyone🧊. After this, we had lunch – […]

Research, frozen food and planning a film! – By Cherish

The first Herts YPAG meeting of the year took place online on Wednesday 24th January. The meeting started off with an icebreaker in order to get things going – a game of “I spy”, spotting things in each others’ online background. Whoever guessed the object first got to be the next ‘spy’. It was interesting, […]

School food and Santa: a great end to 2023 for Herts YPAG ⛄

This post is about the last two YPAG meetings of 2023. The first was an online meeting we had in November and the second was an in-person meeting and Christmas party in December 🥳 November online meeting We started our online meeting off by playing an icebreaker where we all had to find one food […]

A new school year at YPAG! Food sustainability & linking mental and physical health, written by Cherish

Our YPAG group had another in-person meeting on Saturday 23rd of September, where we all met at the university again! We started off the meeting with the classic icebreaker game – two truths and one lie – butthis time with a theme, which was based on what we all did over the summer holidays. It […]

Future Minds: a podcast on involving children and young people in research co-produced by the Herts YPAG

We’ve made a podcast! 🎙 Episode one: Making involvement happen In the first of three podcasts we talk to some adults who help children and young people to be involved in research (facilitators) about why it matters, how to do it well and what we can do better. Thanks to Deidre Leyden from the London […]

Improving Physical and Mental Health and Care for Young People – by Eleanor

Our July meeting was on Zoom again. We started off the meeting by doing an icebreaker game where we were put in different breakout rooms and had to find 3 things that we had in common and 3 differences. This was quite a fun way of learning more about each other. We ended up finding […]

How do you write a good ethics form? by Oscar and Matthew

We met at the university on Saturday 9th June.  When we arrived, the building was still locked as no one had arrived with the keys yet, but luckily we managed to get in in the end 😝 We started the day with a great icebreaker game where we each had to tell two truths and […]

Spring Fun! – by Jacob

On Friday 21st of April, we had our 8th YPAG meeting, and I was very happy to see everyone online, but the only downside is that there is no pizza when we meet on Zoom.

Encouraging healthy, sustainable diets and our 1 year anniversary by Keira

We had our fourth in-person meeting on Saturday, 11th March – and our one-year birthday party! We started off with pizza, wedges and salad for lunch and followed with a memory icebreaker game where we had to remember moves from the previous people, and it was quite hard 😂. Then Rebecca, a researcher from the […]

Genomics and food systems – and a great start to Herts YPAG 2023 by Benita

This was the 6th meeting of YPAG which took place on 26th Jan 2023, which was also our third meeting on Zoom.