Future Minds: a podcast on involving children and young people in research co-produced by the Herts YPAG

By Louca-Mai Brady,

We’ve made a podcast! 🎙

Episode one: Making involvement happen

In the first of three podcasts we talk to some adults who help children and young people to be involved in research (facilitators) about why it matters, how to do it well and what we can do better. Thanks to Deidre Leyden from the London GenR YPAG, Rachel Temple from the McPin Young People’s Network, Lindsay Dewa from Imperial College London, and Sarah Knowles and Rhys Archer from the University of York Youth LIVES project for being such great guests!

You can listen to to the podcast online at Podbean, on Spotify or here:


Episode two: Young People at the Centre

In this episode we talk to young people from eyeYPAG, London GenR YPAG, McPin Young People’s Network and Partnership for Young London’s young researcher network and working with Imperial College London about why they think it’s important that researchers involve children and young people, why they got and have stayed involved and how we can improve things in the future.

Thank you to podcast guests Bilal, Molly, Catherine, Hannah, Halima and Eleri.

Episode Three – Where next for young people’s involvement?

In this third of three podcasts we talk to some people doing really exciting work with young people:

In the podcast we talk to them about their work, why they think it’s important that children and young people are involved in research and how we can improve things in the future.

We had lots of fun making these podcasts – please let us know what you think, and if you’d like us to make more!

Picture of Louca-Mai and two YPAG members in a meeting room recording a podcast, talking to guests on a laptop

Us podcasting!