VoiceUp logoVoiceUp is a group for all 11-24 year olds living in Greater Manchester.

VoiceUp has over 50 members who have got involved because they want to make a difference in research, learn more about health and research and give back to the NHS.

VoiceUp is funded by the Manchester Clinical Research Facility and Manchester Biomedical Research Centre. The group meets every 3 months and also has an online group which is run through email and a closed Facebook group (access must be requested).

Our work

The group have to-date:

  • Provided feedback on a patient information video about respiratory conditions
  • Input into the development of the GET-IT glossary (a young people’s version of the international research glossary)
  • Developed a list of do’s and don’ts for researchers working with young people
  • Designed a poster about VoiceUp that was shown at the 2018 Clinical Research Network annual conference
  • Been part of a video series highlighting the involvement of children and young people in the Manchester Clinical Research Facility.

VoiceUp at a conference

VoiceUp members Adam and Lucy standing with the poster the group designed at the UK Clinical Research Facility Network Conference

Get in touch

Group co-ordinator: Issy Macgregor



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Creating a research Glossary with young people for young people

Creating a research glossary with young people for young people to help them understand research terms