The First Online Herts YPAG Meeting – by Stela

By Louca-Mai Brady,

This meeting took place on the 20th of May and all 19 members were there, some for the first time.

First, we did a scavenger hunt to warm up. We had to find specific items from around our houses, which I found really fun. 🧦📕🍎🖼

Picture of online meeting

Next, Julia told us about a project she’s planning. She will ask children and families in across Hertfordshire and Norfolk about what it’s like living there. These children will be aged 5-12. Therefore, the research will mostly be made up of fun activities. The activities include taking photographs of places they like in their town (using either smart phones or provided cameras).

Julia also asked us about an idea called ‘citizen scientists’ although, we thought ‘young researcher’ or ‘young scientist’ would be better. Julia said:

It was really helpful to talk about my research ideas with YPAG members. They made some great suggestions about fun activities to try out in the research. It was also really helpful to know that the terms ‘young researcher’ or ‘young scientist’ sound better, which I will now use for the research application.

After a 10-minute interval, we looked at some information Louca-Mai and Han had written that was for an evaluation.
I thought the content of the meeting was great, but I still think that it can’t compare to a meeting in person- I am looking forward to the next one!