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This video is about how children, young people and families have improved the design, development and delivery of paediatric research.  It was funded by the National Institute of Health Research (NIHR) Biomedical Centre Award to Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH) and University College London.

This video concerns young people participating in clinical trials.  There are other ways of participating too, and you don’t have to be in a trial to help out with Generation R.

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Generation R: Young people improving research

How children, young people and families have improved the design, development and delivery of paediatric research.

The practicalities of patient and public involvement in clinical research

This film from an adult perspective looks at the practicalities of being involved in clinical research: the time needed, and what payment and expenses you can expect to receive.

How do patients make a difference to our research?

This short film was madefor adults by the Medical Research Council. It explores three examples of how input from patients and the public can enhance research.

This video is Part 4 of a series of videos produced by the YPAGs at the inaugural Generation R event held in 2013 by the National Institute for Health Research.

You can see further videos from this event on Testing Treatments interactive.

The NIHR YouTube channel is also worth a look, as it is regularly updated with videos about health research.

The importance of medical research

In this video from the inaugural Generation R meeting in 2013, YPAG members lead a discussion of why medical research is important.


These PDF wordsearches contain words relating to health research.

Pictionary research activity

We play Pictionary using research concepts intead of the usual game cards, allocated to different levels of difficulty.

Jenga research activity

This is a group activity that tests young people#’s knowledge about health research, as well as their steadiness of hand!

It’s OK to Ask – dot to dot

This PDF contains a dot-to-dot exercise for younger students.

Crossword Puzzle

This health research-themed puzzle was created by the London YPAG.

Lesson plan on double-blind trials

The Centre of the Cell produced this lesson plan for age 15-18 students.   You can find this lesson plan by clicking here