Crossword Puzzle

By Minervation,

This health research-themed puzzle was created by the London YPAG.  Download it as a PDF and print it out as a resource for use in classrooms.

The crossword

Full size crossword

Photo of the London YPAG

This crossword was created by the London YPAG


1) Something we take to make us feel better when we’re poorly (8)
3) Who do you go and see when you need an injection? (5)
4) This is a form of medicine (7)
6) This is what you feel when you hurt yourself (4)
9) What it is called when you have a reaction to something e.g. nuts, dairy, strawberries (7)
11) You breathe this (3)
12) You need an inhaler for this condition (6)
14) A container to put your rubbish in (3)
15) When you go to a hot country you might need one of these (9)
16) You may take one of these a day (8)
18) If you have a reaction to your medicine e.g. sickness, headache, tingling it is called a… (4-6)
19) If you have a tickly throat it can make you do this (5)


2) Who do you go and see when you’re poorly? (6)
3) Do you pick syringes up if you see them lying on the floor anywhere? (2)
5) You take your prescription to this person (10)
7) Your tummy can sometimes do this (4)
8) You take this for 6) across (8)
10) When you see 3) Down do you tell an adult? (3)
11) This is a medicine to kill germs (10)
13) You take this when you have a condition called Asthma (7)
17) You use your eyes to do this (3)