The research cycle and new projects by Muminah

By Vijay Tailor-Hamblin,

Today was my first meetup with the Young People’s Advisory Group for eye research, it was the best time. I got to relate to kids my age, the group made me feel welcome, this allowed me to feel confident when I was speaking. The topics we discussed will have an impact on the future and will help those in need. We had an ice breaker with Annegret and Vijay, where we talked about the fun things we did during the summer holidays.

What we discussed:

  • The research lifecycle and how to process a research idea
  • We got feedback from the young people who attended the ICAN event in San Diego. They told us about the fun activities and the interesting topics relating to young people around the world
  • We discussed how to make situations stress free for both parents and children who attend Moorfields for their eye appointments

The main topic we discussed was about how to create an advocacy campaign around eye health care. We want to make a campaign for those who can’t access certain medications or health care options due to affordability. We made sketches with different slogans to highlight the need for eye health. We came up with some slogans like:

“Take me for a free eye test”.

” Protect my eyesight”.

“let’s talk about myopia”.




We talked about a Moorfields research passport for children and young people, so that theyunderstand the different elements of the research project they are enrolled in. We also discussed how it could be personalised for each young person by having a section about them that they can complete so the technicians and doctors can talk to the young people in the right way.


I can’t wait for the next meeting in November so we can collaborate and put forward my opinions on new topics.