Recent London YPAG meetings: Catch up post 1

By London YPAG,

Our last two meetings have seen a varied group of people come for advice. At our meeting back in November, we had people come from the 100 000 Genomes Project asking for our views on the Project’s participant materials, and a researcher come ask us about a generic consent project. Specifically, this is around routine generic consent for research in a hospital when children
and young people come in to be patients. The group were intrigued by both sessions, seeing the promise and potential for both projects.

We then had our Christmas party in December, which was loads of fun. We had to do a bit of work of course, and then had a pizza party in the Clinical Research Facility where we meet, and played games. The ‘Who am I’ game involving ever such sophisticated tools as Post-It notes and a pen was a hit, with several people being the Grinch, and one person having to guess they were the facilitator, Erin! That sure involved some awkward questions and answers, not to mention giggles.