Nottingham YPAG meeting ‘Innovation Challenge’

By Nottingham YPAG,

Group 1 Test Innovation Challenge 3On Saturday 29th August we had our YPAG meeting at the Queens Medical Centre. When we had all arrived we all took part in a meet and greet activity which was ‘Heads or Tails’, it is a very simple game where you choose heads or tails and sit down if you get it wrong until you find the winner.

After this a researcher (Lizzie) came to visit us to ask our opinions on a information sheet she had created we reviewed it and gave her our feedback giving her lots of comments and ideas on how to make it more young person friendly.

Then Kirsty handed out some folders and explained to us that they are our YPAG portfolios, these are folders that we have throughout our time at YPAG and take with us when we leave, they will have all our information that we need about YPAG such as letters from researches and dates from each meeting we attended. They will become very useful when we go for job interviews and applying for university.

N, C, K Innovation Challenge 2Next we had an innovation challenge this is where we were shown a power point explaining what innovation means then we were given two challenges using marshmallows. The first was using a spoon, elastic band, sellotape, cocktails sticks and marshmallows we had to make a sling shot then try and get a marshmallow into a basket. Then the second challenge was using a balloon, marshmallow, straw and tape we had to get a marshmallow down a long piece of string. These challenges were great and everyone had fun doing them. Group 2 Innovation Challenge 3

We then went over to the university and did some parachute games, we were given a word to do with research and if Kirsty called them out we would swap and as the game was being played she would ask some of us what the words meant and we would have to explain to her the best we could what they meant.

When we got back to the hospital we all sat down and watched some videos made by Nuffield council on bioethics these videos were about studies and the ethics committee reviewing information sheets so one of the videos was watching the ethics committee and what things they look for when they are reviewing an information sheet and the other was watching school children review an information sheet and how similar it was to the ethics committee.

This meeting was a very busy and fun meeting and I think my favourite activity was the innovation challenges because they were so fun and a bit different to what we normally do. I have never made a sling shot out of marshmallows before but I also learnt what innovation meant which I didn’t know before.

Written by Olivia, aged 13 


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