Eye-YPAG meeting blog 02/07/2022 – by JN

By Vijay Tailor-Hamblin,

Some of us and some of the children and young people from the GOSH YPAG have done training that was organised with Jacq to learn about how to interview other children and young people. They told us about their experience, and Jacq will run more training workshops in the summer or autumn.

Jacq presented two versions of a poster that she will show at the Clinical Research Network conference. We preferred the version with less words and with more colour.

Jo came back to us with a project to make podcasts about visual experiences by people who have a sight impairment. We talked about how to make normal-sighted people feel and really understand the experience of not seeing something. Autonomous sensory meridian response is something we could use, like using sound and speakers instead of describing visual information in a podcast.

We worked really hard on finding a name for the school workshops that Annegret and her team are working on, which they will run in secondary schools to tell young people about eye and vision health and to encourage them to volunteer in the NHS. After several rounds of discussions, we came up with the name “visually”, and that will now be used.