Celebrating 10 Years of West Midlands YPSG

By Birmingham YPSG,

The West Midlands Young Persons’ Steering Group had a 10 year celebration last month.
It was a great day where current and past members attended to talk about their experience of the group and how it’s impacted on their education and career.
The day was made up of a mixture of video’s and presentations from young people and researchers and was a great opportunity to review all the hard work that the group taken part in and how they had impacted on research both locally and nationally.

Lizzie Hyde, aged 21 who has been a member of the group since she was 11 years old and is now studying Pharmacy at Keele University, commented: ‘It’s been a great day – it was lovely to see so many members past and present and some of the researchers we have worked with over the years. If it wasn’t for clinical research, I wouldn’t have made it to my fifth birthday, so I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to give something back.’

The Network’s Clinical Director Professor Jeremy Kirk said: ‘It’s impossible to overestimate the contribution these young people have made to research in our region, and far beyond, in the past 10 years. Their passion, commitment and dedication in giving up their time with this valuable work is admirable and to be commended and it is only right that we give our thanks for their hard work. Here’s to the next 10 years!’.