Bristol YPAG

The Bristol Young People’s Advisory Group

The Bristol YPAG comprises young people aged 10 and upwards who are interested in healthcare and research.

They meet regularly online (38 meetings in 2021) to help researchers with their projects.


The group is facilitated by Lucy Condon and Mike Bell




What researchers say

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Evaluating Keir's design class!

Evaluating Keir’s design class!


What do researchers say about working with us

“Wow, really interesting comments and some things I would never have thought of. Had a bit of a giggle at some things but this all seems very useful. Let’s hope they allow some changes!”

“I enjoyed the Young Persons Advisory Group last week.”

“The kids were great, and very engaged – many thanks”

“We got some useful input and ideas”

“We were listening (to the young person’s advisory group) intently and taking their comments really seriously – and finding them incredibly helpful”

“I can honestly say that this is some of the best feedback I have ever received (from the YPAG) – thank you for sending it on to me. I have printed the target out and its now stuck up above my desk!  I have really enjoyed both of the sessions I have done with the YPAG, they are an amazing bunch of people and very enthusiastic”

Latest from Bristol

GOSH YPAG member Teo takes over twitter at the NIHR GOSH BRC Family Fun Day for research 2019

A big thank you to GOSH YPAG member Teo who hosted @ GreatOrmondSt Twitter account, to give  visitors the inside scoop of the day’s activites at this year’s NIHR GOSH BRC Family Fun Day for research on 26 October 2019. Teo is a dedicated YPAG member and has been involved in lots of other activities to represent […]

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