YPAG KSS May 2024 Meeting


At the YPAG KSS meeting in May held at the Royal Alex Children’s Hospital in Brighton, we were delighted to welcome some new members.

The group had a presentation from Gill Middleditch a MSc Advanced Clinical Practitioner in Community Paediatrics, based at Kent Community NHS Foundation Trust.

Gill is working on a project looking at School based Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) medication review clinic’s for children and young people.

The group gave Gill some thoughts to consider when developing her project and ideas on how to advertise and recruit young people to a lived experience group that she would collaborate with for her PhD project proposal.

Gill said ” Having the opportunity to join the YPAG KSS helped me to have children, young people and parents advise on my study and ways to progress this further. It was great to share my study with like-minded people.”

The group also provided feedback to Dr Paul Seddon and Dr Akshat Kapur on a questionnaire for children that they are preparing for their HiFlo Asthma Study. The questionnaire will aim to gauge how participants in the study are feeling after their hospital treatment.

The next meeting will be on 6th July 2024 online.