YPAG KSS 6th Anniversary Celebration


The group recently celebrated their 6th anniversary with an art-based workshop led by Sofie Layton.


Sofie has worked as an artist for over 30 years. Sophie’s work includes an art installation at Evelina Children’s Hospital, a residency at Great Ormond Street Hospital and she has worked with the Eye-YPAG based at Moorfields Eye Hospital. She also led The Heart of the Matter (2016-2019) a national project exploring the medical, experiential and poetic dimensions of the heart.

The YPAG KSS workshop explored the interface between medical science, research and art and involved a hands on metal embossing session. There was also some discussion around how the finished embossed designs might be incorporated into an updated YPAG KSS logo.



The group also celebrated two of the member’s birthday’s. Happy Birthday to Rebecca and Robyn!