Launch of CHORAL by Amelie, member of Leeds Young Research Owls

By LeedsYRO,

In our most recent meeting on 7th March 2024, the spotlight fell upon the innovative CHORAL (Child Health Outcomes Research at Leeds) program. This initiative, spearheaded by the University of Leeds in collaboration with Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust and Leeds Hospitals Charity, stands as a significant effort aimed at confronting the challenges posed by childhood illnesses.

As Dr Rachel Harrison, Lead Nurse of Children’s Research at Leeds Teaching Hospitals, introduced CHORAL, its pivotal role in enhancing outcomes for children and young people facing various health conditions became evident. The program’s dual focus on providing better services for children and addressing underlying determinants of poor health sparked considerable interest among meeting attendees.

In light of this, recognising the importance of initiatives like CHORAL in driving progress within healthcare, we, as members of the Leeds Young Research Owls, were eager to engage with this ground-breaking research. Our goal to contribute to scientific advancement and positively impact the lives of children and families aligns with CHORAL’s vision of inclusive collaboration. Therefore, through working with CHORAL, our group continues to prioritise the central role of children, young people, and families in healthcare research.

Moving forward, the meeting delved into discussions surrounding the Owls’ new strategy, led by Heather Rostron, Senior Research Nurse and Owls Lead. Heather underscored the importance of gathering input from all members to effectively shape the group’s trajectory. This collaborative approach helped to ensure that our future endeavours resonate with our interests, fostering a sense of ownership among us. We participated in a brainstorming session and shared insights, laying the groundwork for significant advancements in our research.

Finally, we shared feedback on a highly anticipated addition: a Leeds Young Research Owls Logo! Designed by one of our talented members, this marked a significant milestone in our group’s journey- stay tuned for the exciting reveal!