How Young People can help our Commercial Partners in Research?

By Birmingham YPSG,

Recently the NIHR CRN West Midlands Young Person’s Steering Group received some feedback from a Commercial Partner. This feedback really illustrates how children and Young people can work with Commercial Partners to ensure that studies are suitable for the Paediatric population.

The NIHR CRN: West Midland’s Young Persons‟ Steering Group (YPSG) recently received the following feedback from a commercial partners

“I used the review service offered by your NIHR CRN West Midlands Young Person’s Steering Group to review Patient Information Shees and the Informed Consent Forms for a paediatric study. I was very impressed with the input I received; it was well detailed and for all changes suggested, rationale was provided. The quality of the feedback was excellent and I was able to implement the changes suggested and submit to the Research Ethics Committee (REC) in a timely manner. The REC feedback was very positive and approval was received very quickly. The responsiveness and professional conduct of the CRN team is excellent. This is a wonderful service that I wish I had used in the past it would have saved me a lot of additional work.”