Hertfordshire YPAG group meeting blog: 14th July 2020

By Douglas Badenoch,

On Tuesday 14th July the group had its second meeting during lockdown, and third meeting in total. We started with a quick catch up to check on how everyone was doing and what they had been getting up to since our last meeting (including some stories of baking fails and various creative attempts!)

Coping with loss and bereavement during lockdown

At the last meeting we discussed some ideas for research projects which would be relevant during the pandemic including exercise, productivity and mental health. So, during this meeting we heard a presentation of a project in the works looking into how people are coping with loss and bereavement particularly at this time as well as the support available for them in terms of friends and adults. We all felt that many young people turn to their friends for emotional support because of the familiarity and comfort they know they will get.

We also considered however the impact that this may have on these friends and the importance of having someone, perhaps an adult or someone you trust, to confide in and make sure that you are not overwhelmed and you have the space to consider your own wellbeing. We agreed that it would be incredibly beneficial to have more support and guidance for people who have experienced loss first-hand or their confidants and that the places and people who can help with this are more widely publicised such as ‘mind’ Hertfordshire and other organisations.

Using photography to support health and wellbeing

Finally, we heard a presentation about a project that will use photographs people have taken of places and objects that make them feel happy and safe to help support others’ health and wellbeing. We mentioned a project the scouts were doing where they sent pictures of nature to care homes and the positive effects this had and how grateful those living in care homes were as they are feeling so isolated at the moment. We thought that pictures of colour, life and safety would help wellbeing immensely with the only issue being if people do not have cameras in which case objects that bring happiness to people could be brought along to the same effect.

The meeting ended and memos were sent to everyone to have a go at designing a logo as a recognisable and symbolic representation of the group. It was very enjoyable, and I felt more comfortable with those there after discussing such a wide range of topics and sharing our thoughts and opinions.

Daisy Cooper, 16