This page is for content editors of the Generation R website.  It contains instructions on how to manage content on the site.

If you need help logging in, let us know here.

Getting started

This video covers:

  1. Logging in
  2. Forgotten password
  3. Getting a login
  4. Getting help
  5. What the Dashboard looks like
  6. Editing a page when you are browsing the site

Editing your YPAG page

This video covers:

  1. Find your group page
  2. The page uses Panels to allow you to add, edit or re-arrange content
  3. Panels can be one-column or two-column
  4. Don’t forget to save your work by clicking Update.

Formatting text

This video covers:

  1. Inserting and editing links
  2. Sub-heading styles (check that the size looks right after you have finished)
  3. Bullet points, text alignment
  4. Pasting text from a Word document (use the Paste as Text button first)
  5. Inserting and formatting pictures (include some descriptive ALT text)
  6. Make sure your content has the right YPAG category/ies
  7. Provide an Excerpt for your blog post
  8. Using Screen Options to make sure you can edit the Excerpt.

Adding Blog Posts

This video covers:

  1. Publishing and previewing your blog
  2. Using categories for Target Audience, YPAG
  3. Featured image
  4. Uploading images
  5. Browsing all posts in the Dashboard and using Quick Edit.

Uploading documents

This video covers:

  1. Using the media library
  2. Uploading documents to the media library
  3. Using the media library to get the URL of the uploaded document
  4. Pasting this URL as a link in a web page.