GOSH YPAG Hybrid meeting- 25 May 2024 and our visit to Zayed Centre for Research into Rare Disease in Children (ZCR)

By London YPAG,

At our May GOSH YPAG meeting we welcomed 12 members who joined online and 9 members who attended in person. As always, our meeting day had a full agenda and our Young Facilitators supported activities and helped us make the day run smoothly.


GOSH YPAG members who attended in person were able to:

  • meet and mingle over the break times
  • welcome new members
  • take part in hands on group activities
  • meet researchers in person and have follow up conversations
  • meet a scientist and attend a tour of the ZCR laboratory!

GOSH YPAG members who attended online were able to:

  • contribute using the Chat and raised hand functions
  • communicate with the in person group as they worked together
  • attend all or part of the day as suited their needs
  • *give us feedback on what worked well and what could be improved

*to help make our hybrid meetings more inclusive keep door shut to lessen noise

*make sure that people speak one by one and check in regularly with online YPAG members to make sure they can hear properly

*make sure researchers attending speak up and speak clearly