About BeGOOD Citizens

The BeGOOD YPAG works with the Neuroscience, Ethics and Society team at the University of Oxford to help develop methods for working with young people to better understand their views. It is part of BeGOOD Citizens Early Intervention Ethics investigating young people’s views on early intervention strategies in mental health, which is funded by the Wellcome Trust.

The group

Our members


Our YPAG members are divided in two groups: Group 1 has a special interest in ethical issues and debates, and Group 2 focuses primarily on mental health. They have a writing committee that is responsible for the YPAG Blog. Each group meets once or twice per term, normally on Saturdays in Oxford. In between meetings, they keep in touch via email or other online platforms.

This year there are approximately 30 YPAG members aged 15 to 18 years.

“We have a chance to learn about mental health, ethics, and the process of doing research. We also have the chance to interact closely with researchers who are doing cutting-edge work in their field. The groups help us develop important skills, such as the ability to work in a team. Most importantly, we ensure that young people’s voices are heard and engaged throughout the research process.”

What we do

A member of each group writes a blog to share what they’ve been involved in. Read about their blogs here – ethics and mental health group.

Recent activities include:

  • Preparing and presenting at the iCAN 2018 conference
  • Designing a video game looking at the genetic testing of Alzheimer’s disease
  • Pilot study on ethics, autism, and genetics
  • Reviewing a paper written by YPAG members Kira Kretzschmar and Holly Tyrollon
  • Digital Diaries
  • Designing questions and materials for ethical study on Austism Spectrum Disorder
  • Presentation and part of a panel discussion on Public Involvement in Research at University of Oxford’s 2018 Public Engagement Conference

YPAGs work with researchers at each stage of the research process.



This year’s activities

In 2018-2019, members of YPAG will participate in producing the glossary, blogging, data coding (to analyse research results), planning a conference, creating videos for disseminating research findings and a global mental health campaign.


Get in touch

Laura Epton laura.epton@psych.ox.c.uk

01865 618150

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